Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nillium Neems


I'll spare you the plot synopsis and tell you the truth the book is nothing spectacular and fairly predictable.  The characters are very developed so I was expecting more from the plot in terms of development.  I would have liked something darker with a faster pace.  There were a few large plot holes and the setting could have been better described.  But the basis was good which means there is hope for a second book given the proper changes are made.

Fruit Infusing Water Bottle

I was dying to try one of these water bottles so when I was able to receive one at a discounted rate for my honest review I jumped on the chance, I am glad to say this product did not disappoint me. I saw one similar to this on Sharktank and thought they needed to modify the place where the fruit went. Its made of strong plastic, actually stronger than I was expecting my kids haven't been able to break it or even dent it so that's a plus in my eyes. It has a nice case so if you do not want people to see the fruit inside they can't. The lid is also very leak proof, another thing my kids have managed to test much to my dismay. I like that the basket is easy to fill as well as remove so its easy to clean. This holds roughly 27oz of water, which is great for people who like to watch how much they drink a day. I'm sure you could put juice or something else in it if you wanted and fill the basket with one of those reusable ice cubes. Great price, strong, durable, kid poof I recommend this to everyone.


Fish Oil


I like fish oil, it's benefits are amazing especially for heart health. There's also the increased mental clarity you can feel after the second dose in my case. I also hear it's good for chlorestrol but I can't speak to that personally.  Personally I think thei liquid tastes terrible on its own. Not really fishy but just bad. Absolutely dreadful.  I ended up mixing it with any liquid I happen to have on hand otherwise i think I would vomit.  but then good outweighs the bad in this case so I do continue to take the product daily as directed.

Steamed not Boiled


Despite what my other half will tell you, I'm a decent cook. I just don't like it when things go to mush, I enjoy some nice texture.  Particularly in my vegetables. So when I received this nice veggie steamer for evaluation purposes I quickly tossed the old one because this one is 100x better.  100% stainless steel means no rusting, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. It's easy to resize for pots and collapse so it doesn't take up much room in drawers.  I've also used this to steam shrimp some shrimp for a salad if I can find a larger one I think it would work well for crab legs.

Pastry Problems?


I love this tool for one simple reason, no dough left behind! It's also good at cutting dough, and seems like it would be good for possibly icing?  I love that it has a ruler along the edge it really takes the guess work out of something that is really a science.  I no longer spend time wondering if ice rolled out to ¼ or if it's still ⅜ now I can easily measure so know where I'm at.  Clean up is simple because this tool has no issues in the dishwasher, and even better is the handle is actually really comfortable and did not cause any muscle fatigue or tenderness.

Running Belt

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I've come to find that it's hard to mess a running belt up, don't get me wrong it does happen but luckily that was not the case here.  The two expandable pockets will allow you to fit basically any smartphone in your belt with room to spare. So you can get your keys, money, cards whatever in there also.  It is extremely comfortable to wear and doesn't move when running. The zipper doesn't get stuck or snag, at least it hasn't yet.  It's good for running, as long as it fits correctly there really is nothing more irritating than a running belt moving around while you're running.  It's part of the reason I don't like the arm bands. It's also simple to wash i just put it in with my normal laundry and everything was good as new.

Digestive Health

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I recently received the Enzymatrix Digestive Enzymes for evaluation purposes and overall I was satisfied with the product.  Like most supplements the capsules are large, they don't taste the greatest but are far from the worst I've ever tasted, they don't upset the stomach, I do advise taking with a full glass of water.  I'm beginning to become familiar with 100 naturals as a company because they offer supplements that I can easily take with no adverse reactions which with two little ones running around is very important to me. My stomach hasn't been the same since having kids, or maybe my diet hasn't been the same either way these take the edge off.  By that I mean I don't feel bloated, get near as much indigestion, and I don't feel like death after I eat. I only take one pill before each meal, I have not required to take the maximum of two.

Natural Product for Healthy Joints


My joints are miserable, they hate me more than anything else will ever be able to its safe to say. Since I don't see our relationship improving anytime soon I figured I would give 100 naturals product a chance.  T has your typical joint health ingredients, nothing new and claiming to be a cure all.  What this product does have is the three best products mixed into one capsule to help your joints and reduce need for medications.  In a day or two I noticed my joints were as stiff and painful. Going up and down stairs wasn't as bad as it used to be, the beginning of my runs didn't feel like I would fall apart, and in general my joints felt more lubricated. The capsules are huge but if it means I don't have to take pain medication as frequently I don't care how large they are considering they do not upset my stomach I do not see an issue.  I did receive this product for evaluation purposes and overall I was satisfied with my findings.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Egg Rings


I figured silicone in a skillet would melt but surprisingly it doesn't. But it also doesn't contain butter so that was kind of sad. I did receive this product for evaluation purposes. To use you can either make whatever you want to cook dip the ring in and then place in the pan to kind of seal it down then pour the rest in. Or just press it down lightly and break the egg into the ring. Or even lastly pour right into ring and hope it doesn't leak out.  This is an interesting product and I like that it prevents my eggs or pancakes from running together. These are also simple to rinse off and they're dishwasher safe.

Bento Box


We rarely eat out, which can be an issue when we have a busy day or even when time just seems to get away from us.  So having a meal or even snacks prepared and ready to go is extremely important for us.  I received these bento boxes for evaluation purposes and they really do help solve my prepared food problems. I can even keep leftovers in them for lunch the next day and not have to worry about juices mixing or something going soggy because of something else on the plate.  These are great for cheese, fruit, and veggie trays, you can even put dip in there if you want.  Unlike similar containers these are dishwasher safe and I actually did not see any warping to the lids. I was very satisfied with this product and recommend it to anyone looking for a way make snack time or even lunch time easier.

SOL Silicone Wedding Ring

This SOL Silicone Wedding Ring is exactly what I was looking for. We are very active people and needless to say normal wear on jewelry or even our hands alone can be very extreme. So when I can across this silicone ring I was very excited, finally a rig that can take what everyday life has to throw at us. It's great we can swap our real rings out for this when we need to or even just wear it for awhile when we know we would be taking our rings on and off with the potential to lose them. The black was very nice, I wouldn't say its was necessarily dull but you knew it was black. It's comfortable doesn't restrict blood flow to the finger but also doesn't really move around. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is hard on their hands like we are, it really is a great by. I received this product in return for my honest and unbiased review.


Compression arm sleeve

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I do a lot of lifting and moving of objects all day, aside from my back, shoulders, and knees constantly hurting my elbows get there too. Compression helps with blood flow which can reduce injury to muscles and help with joint discomfort.  I did receive this product for evaluation purposes. The material is comfortable, fits well, doesn't seem to retain any odors after I wore it while working out, simple to wash, and easier to put on then most compression material I have encountered.  You put it on just how you would expect: bunch it up, place on arm, unroll. To take it off I usually just grab the top and pull it down. This can easily be worn under a normal fit long sleeve shirt if you do don't want anyone to see.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Silicone Baking Mat


I'm very happy with these baking mats.  I did receive them for evaluation purposes but I can say they are one of my favorite things to use in the kitchen especially with the holidays here.  I use them to cool pies and cookies so I do not have to worry about them adhering to the cookie sheets or even tins for that matter. They are simple to clean you can honestly just rinse them off and everything will come off no matter how stuck on it is.  I have had no problems with anything sticking to the mats, I have not burned myself while touching the mats, and they are actually very easy to store because you can just roll them up and place them in the cabinet when you are not using them.  I would recommend these to everyone!

Knife Sharpener

I have only tried a few knife sharpeners, and this one is one of the easier ones.  The design is very straight forward and does not leave me wondering where I put the knife or how I sharpen it without cutting my fingers.  I received this product for evaluation purposes.  The material is high quality, well put together, easy to clean, and if it would happen to get wet you probably do not have to worry about rust.  The handle makes it simple to hold without slipping while sharpening but also does not hurt your hand or cause any muscle fatigue so you can sharpen as much as you want for as long as you want.

iPhone Armband


I have used multiple different armbands and belts to hold my phone among other things while I am working out both in and out of the gym.  This band is a higher quality than most and overall I was satisfied with this product. I did receive this product for evaluation purposes.  It's comfortable, lightweight, thin, easy to clean, stays in place, and very simple to take on and off.  This case also keeps your phone dry better than most I have no issues with moisture collecting on my phone.  The headphones slots, card storage, and key storage fill their job nicely without any issues.

Bandana Bibs


I absolutely love bandana bibs, these are no exception.  Shuby Dooby bibs are amazing.  They are so soft that they do not irritate my sons skin.  But they are still extremely absorbent that I do not have to worry about drool or food soaking through the bib and getting onto his clothing.  The metal snaps allow for both adjustment as he grows and a nice safe fasten.  Washing and drying is simple just throw in with your normal laundry, I did not have any issues with colors bleeding, no discoloration, and the stains came out easily.  I received this product for evaluation purposes.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lemon Oil

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I diffuse this and use it to make soap generally.  When used in soap it really helps to wake you up in the morning and gives you that extra boost you need sometimes.  Diffusing it makes my house smell amazing, but remember do not diffuse in a closed area around animals because it can be harmful to them just like putting it in something they come in direct contact with, it can really hurt their skin.  You can also use it to lighten your skin spots or hair but remember to mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut or something else of that sort yo avoid adverse reactions.  I received the product for evaluation purposes.


#HoMegaStyle Juicer

Lemons, Limes, Oranges these are all things that I squeeze very regularly.  Anyone who has ever had to take on this task can tell you, you will never get all the juice out without some leverage and a decent amount of weight.  Two things I really have a hard time getting sometimes.  This squeezer really does help with these problems.  It's made for stainless steel and has a nonslip handle which is really nice considering the chances of getting fruit juices everywhere is high.  This is super easy to use you just place you fruit open side down and squeeze, out comes the juice.  I did receive this product for evaluation purposes.



This product has really helped me cut down on the coffee, which is kind of sad but it needed to be done.  Now instead of coffee in the morning I just take a liquid capsule and I'm good to go.  I stomach issues, no extra trips to the bathroom, and more importantly there is no after taste.  I never really have a mid day crash after taking this so I really have no complaints, I did receive this product for evaluation purposes.

Acne's Worst Friend


Most women don't know what toner is let alone how to use it properly.  But toners are a staple to healthy skin because they help with the pH levels on and in your skin.  If you have acne a good toner is your best friend.  No matter how bad your acne is a toner can really help you.  Within a day or so your skin will look more hydrated, pigment will even up, and your discoloration will almost disappear.  This is also helpful in removing extra makeup that can get stuck in or on your skin.  I did receive this product for evaluation purposes.

Alligator Grip


I thought I was just getting a hair clip or a chip clip, nothing this strong that's for sure.  These will stay wherever you put them for however long you want.  What's even better is these are stainless steel and they will not rust or break.  There isn't much you can't use these for, you can use them in the garage or in the kitchen for virtually anything.  I did receive this product for evaluation purposes.

Pet Care


It's very hard to trim your pets nails, and I really hate to say it, there really is nothing I dream more than a kitty manicure.  Cats scratch and throw fits and the next thing I know the nail clippers are flying across the room and breaking.  Then when the clippers go dull there really isn't anything that can make the task much harder than it already is besides this.  Lucky I had no problems with these and the massage brush is a nice touch.  these clippers make this a little less hard, well less harder than I expected considering I'm not sure anyone actually has a cat that likes to have their nails clipped.