Saturday, July 30, 2016

Silicone Baking Pan

Silicone pans are my personal favorite because when I burn something they are very easy to clean. Also the burned on food is easy to get out without it breaking into a million pieces. Everything just pops right off and cleans right up I absolutely love that feature. Just hot water and a rag and the pan is good as new. Product provided for evaluation.

Crystal Wine Glasses

There is not much more amazing to look at than these glasses are, the crystal just makes them look so perfect. They are so beautiful and large, they hold a lot of wine that's for sure. They are great for a fancy candle light dinner or to place in a case and display for everyone to see. Made from crystal but do not feel like they will break easily which i think is very important event the stems do not feel like they will break easily. I would not put this in a dishwasher though for fear of damage.Product provided for my honest and unbiased opinions.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Men's Wedding Bands

#TANS8mmMensTungstenRingWeddingBandThe mens tungsten wedding band has made a great gift! The band is solid, easy to get on and off, but still stands in place. It has a lovely finish that makes it appealing to the eye and most importantly it made to last. The finish wont come off easily and the band itself is extremely strong. You don't have to worry about scratching this easily or damaging it during your everyday routines. This has been an amazing gift and I would recommend this a million times over. Product provided for honest and unbiased opinions.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cargo Liner

Do you have a cargo area? Are you like me and worry about things spilling? Or even per hair? This cargo area cover is great at saving your car from stains, spills, and hair. The full coverage keeps everything safe from wall to wall. It's easily washable and thing enough that most spills won't get through! Product provided for honest and unbiased opinions.

Veggie Peeler

I used to cut myself a lot while peeling vegetables because I was using a knife simply because I never found a peeler that was simple enough to use. Well until now that is. This peeler is so easy to use, won't cut you, and doesn't cause hand pain! I can peel a potato in a few seconds and not have and cuts on my hand and the potato will only be missing the skin! It's simple to wash and dishwasher friendly, it doesn't take up much space at all. It's even safe for kids to use! I know I'm in love with this. Product provided for honest and unbiased opinions.

Pacifier Clips

If you have a baby that's attached to a specific pacifier you know the importance of a pacifier holder. Aside from falling on the floor just being disgusting losing that one specific favorite pacifier is terrible and not to mention it can just be a nightmare trying to replace the pacifier in general. These are adorable and even more adorable in person. The material is very soft which is nice because I don't have to worry about scratching my child's skin. The quality is very high it has been worn everyday for almost and week and you can't even tell. The clamp is also made of plastic which is nice when its being torn off every so often and chewed on, I enjoy not having to worry about a metal clip being chewed on or pitching a tongue or lip. They're also easy to clean you can hand wash or machine wash no issues either way. I received this product at a reduced cost in exchange for my unbiased opinions, these views are my own. ‪

Steamer Basket

Despite what my other half will tell you, I'm a decent cook. I just don't like it when things go to mush, I enjoy some nice texture. Particularly in my vegetables. So when I received this nice veggie steamer for evaluation purposes I quickly tossed the old one because this one is 100x better. 100% stainless steel means no rusting, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. It's easy to resize for pots and collapse so it doesn't take up much room in drawers. I've also used this to steam shrimp some shrimp for a salad if I can find a larger one I think it would work well for crab legs. Now the peeler that comes with it is just as amazing. It peels fast and effectively, super easy to clean, simple to store, and I haven't cut myself on it. All in all this is a great deal. ‪


Thorkey is great for keeping all my keys safely in one place but also not on a traditional key ring. This fits a bit more securely in my pocket or backpack. I don't have to worry about a ring snagging on something or a key falling out or searching for the right one. All my keys are nearly secured in on area so I can easily find and use the right one. Product provided for honest and unbiased opinions.

Seat Belt Pad

#LeaderaccessorieThis "sheepskin" seat belt strap really doesn't seem like sheepskin. Seems like some sort of costume fur. It's n't horrible but it's not the best. If your seat belt digs into your should this will stop that so it does it's job but it's not very appealing.

Receiving blanket

#YourEcoFamily#yourecofamily has such a soft receiving blanket for your bundle of joy. My son is still small enough that I can wrap him up in this. I'm not sure what it's made of but I suspect unicorn hair and clouds. That is the only way this allegedly cotton blanket could possibly be so soft. Even after washing a few times it's still as soft as ever. I love it, he loves it, so I must buy more. Product provided for honest and unbiased opinions.

Ring Sling

#mamawayThis is up there in the same league as my Tula, and all you baby wearing people know how big of a deal that is. I really like this sling and it's hard th price of a Tula which my significant loves, and I didn't have to have my clicker finger ready at a stocking. Like a lot of carriers there is a learning curve so I would say go ahead and pull up youtube upon receiving you sling and make an afternoon of it because it can take a few tries to get it correct. Just make sure your infant is in the correct M position so you do not risk hip dysplasia. Like other ring slings, storage is easy, its durable, I never recommend the washer and dryer for washing these hand wash is usually best and means a longer lifetime. The quality of this product is great, I did receive it for my honest and unbiased opinions and evaluation but like I said I like it as much as my Tula.

Pet Shampoo

#DancingPetNaturalsThis is such a great pet shampoo! No chemicals or anything potentially harmful to your favorite furry friends! There's no lasting fragrance what little smell there is just fades away quickly. This all in one will Leave your pet silky smooth and soft as can be. There was no drying or irritation to the skin which I was very surprised about. Product provided for an honest and unbiased review.

Seat Cushion

This Orthopedic Seat Cushion is larger than I was expecting, and provides more than enough room for myself and anyone else who is driving my car to sit on. I spend a lot of time driving for work and if you get stuck in traffic you might not always be able to get out and walk about for a bit if you have to make a deadline. But this seat cushion helps to minimize pain and fatigue for me that I would get from driving and sitting for extended periods of time. The memory foam much like in a mattress helps to evenly distribute you body weight so it is not all focused on one spot. If you spill something on your cushion you can easily take the case off to wash so there are no concerns there, its easy to move considering its a cushion. Overall I am happy with this product that was provided for my honest and unbiased evaluation.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tea Infuser

#vitapurateainfuserIf you drink a lot of tea this will be for you, especially loose leaf tea. When using the infuser you can with hang the chain out of the side or use the hook on the end to anchor it off to the cup handle. After you are dine using the infuser you just take it out and set it on the nicely provided stainless steel tray. These are also easy to clean I just rinse out the leaves and put in through the dishwasher every so often and store until my next cup of tea. Product provided for evaluation.

Crib Sheets

These crib sheets are so soft, and when I say soft I mean its made from unicorn hair and clouds. These are just so amazing I wish they made them in my size of army bed that way I didn't have to sleep in the crib to enjoy them. My son loves them. He loves how soft they are and he loves to cuddle with them. I can honestly say I'm jealous of him because he gets these soft crib sheets. Product provided for an honest and unbiased opinion.

Pet Seat Cover

When you have a large back seat or even a third row it's safe to say that's where your dog friends will like to travel. This product will save your seats. And your dog will love it, so that's a win - win in my book. No more hair coated seats no more trying to lint roll the seats the hair just comes off the pillow in the wash. You can wipe the rest of the cover with a cloth and good as new. I received this product for evaluation purposes, overall I was satisfied with my experience.