Thursday, October 29, 2015

Zaptop: The Conversation Starter

I received this nifty tool in return for my honest and unbiased review.  As far as bottle openers go, this i my absolute favorite.  Probably because it doesn't really look like a bottle opener.  When I opened the box (the packaging is super simple) I took one look and was just baffled.  No clue how it was going to work as intended but I was surprised to say the least.  More than anything I think it's a conversation piece.  Just place it on top of a bottle, lift it up, and bam magic cap is off and nowhere to be seen, you could probably make a nice party trick out of it if done right.  it doesn't even bend the bottle cap which was interesting to me.
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Riding by Cassia Cassitas is an amazing and quick read. I'm fairly skeptical as well as critical when reading an author for the first time but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm a bit of a fan of books that are compiled of short stories, it makes my reading experience a lot easier that way if I have to stop and cook dinner I can finish one story and not be stuck wonder well what's going on. I liked that all of these stories took place at various Olympic Games, I've always wondered what it would be like to be an Olympic athlete so the stories were entertaining to me. The stories are nothing short of inspiring, the characters are well developed and three dimensional, the descriptive narrating is on point so you're not wondering where you are or what it looks like, and the micro plots as well as the overall plot are compiled well. I would recommend this book to anyone, I received this product in return for my unbiased review.Purchase Here

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bluetooth Speaker

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I'm very pleased with this Bluetooth speaker, decent price point, bass isn't bad,  doesn't muffle treble.  Even output between speakers there's really not much more you can ask for in a portable speaker. You can even charge it while in use but that does have an affect on battery life.  The volume is amazing but I've never turned it all the way up.  The Bluetooth is amazing, no problem connecting or disconnecting devices. Works best with the devices are within 30-50ft of each other.


This brush has been lovely, and considering I was skeptical at most when receiving it that really says a lot. The handle makes it to where I can easily clean my back and not just a light clean but an actual deep clean squeaky clean. The bristles aren't hard to where they hurt but they aren't soft to where they feel pointless either. It's the perfect medium for using either wet or dry. The detachable handle really caught me off guard and I love it mainly because I can easily clean my feet and arms with it. Talk about complicated trying to clean the bottom of your feet with a long handle attached. I received this product in return for my honest review

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Want to Lose Weight?

I received this product complimentary to test out and review using my own honest opinions.  I don't believe in diet or weight loss pills, mainly because they are all scams.  What I can support is natural diet enhancers such as this product.  It's not a cure all but coupled with diet, exercise, and increased water intake this product will help you shed some pounds.  You shouldn't be concerned about the size of the capsules with water taking it was not problem, but i did find that sometimes the taste wasn't the greatest.  It's all natural so there's no crazy after effects like your typical diet pills.  But like other diet pills this is not safe for nursing mothers.  This helps to control appetite and it does a great job.
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Baby Backseat Mirror

My son hates his carseat, probably because I'll keep him rear facing until he's in college if I have any say in the matter. Anyway, he gets mad because like most babies if he can't see me, I have obviously left and I am never coming back. Have to love baby logic, right? But when he's not screaming like most mothers I assume the worst. Talk about a lose lose situation. So this mirror has helped both of us, and I can say car rides are more enjoyable... most of the time. The mirror was in simple packing and was really simple to install, it took maybe thirty seconds, probably would have been quicker had I not had a baby in one arm. The shatterproof glass is a plus considering his favorite hobby is throwing, well, anything. The product is amazing, I love this product its great, I can keep an eye on my son and he can keep an eye on me. Yay for no more baby screams. I received this product in return for my honest and unbiased review.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Silicone Rings

The FitRing is exactly what I was looking for.  We are very active people and needless to say normal wear on jewelry or even our hands alone can be very extreme.  So when I can across this silicone ring I was very excited, finally a rig that can take what everyday life has to throw at us.  It's great we can swap our real rings out for this when we need to or even just wear it for awhile when we know we would be taking our rings on and off with the potential to lose them.  The black was very nice, I wouldn't say its was necessarily dull but you knew it was black.  It's comfortable doesn't restrict blood flow to the finger but also doesn't really move around.  Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is hard on their hands like we are, it really is a great by. I received this product in return for my honest and unbiased review.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Terra Friendly Solar Night Light w/Snuggle Cover

I love this solar light, I got it for my son because I was tired of leaving the bathroom light on so he would have some light shining into his room all night long.  Because this is not plugged into the wall I am able to move it around if I need to maneuver around in his room in the middle of the night.  All we do is stick it in the window during the day and its ready to go all night long, then we repeat the process the next day.  I like that I don't have to worry about the batteries going on in the middle of the night because we all know that is just the end of the world, I'm not using as many bathroom light bulbs so that's a plus, and it can be placed wherever he wants in his bedroom.  It was weird blowing the light up, but whatever I'll try anything when it comes to my kids.  Then I opened the other bag and put the cute owl cover on.  Put the light in the sun and later on in the afternoon tested the power button, it worked so I turned it off and then put it back in the window for later on in the night.  There are a few settings for the light and even a window that shows you how much is left in the charge.  It's completely child safe in every way you can imagine which is great considering its made for kids. I received this product in return for my honest review, all opinions expressed are my own.


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Probiotic Supplement, Doctors Choice

I'm a bit of a health nut, I don't really follow trends but I do like to research ways to make sure my body is functioning properly. I take vitamins, minerals, eat properly, drink enough water and all that jazz. I have been looking for a good probiotic for awhile now and I've tried about a dozen different kinds and just could not find one I believed to be working properly or as advertised. I was very happy when I came across this product. I have been in contact with the company after receiving the product and they were nice enough to send me a free ebook on ways to make sure this product was a success their customer service is amazing, which is something I never find in this industry. Following their advice and information given I am no longer bloated, my energy is increasing, my appetite has increased but with clean eating this isn't an issue, my intestines are working amazingly now. Overall I just feel a lot better and would recommend this product to everyone. I received this product in return for my unbiased opinion.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

How to Monetize a Small Blog

A 30-page book that is an easy read and full of solid, guided advice. This is a must read for any blogger. I know I will be trying to use some of the advice given in the book, as far as how good the advice is only time will tell at least for me.  The book is greatly priced and I recommend everyone spends the little bit of money on it, because you never know it could help you make millions or even just that little extra income you ned.  It didn't take long to read which was nice considering I was reading a few other books for review at the time. FTC Disclaimer - I received free for review and inspection purposes. Compensation for a positive review was NOT provided. This review is based upon my personal experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review.

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Oak Lead Winer Opener

I drink a lot of wine so as you might be able to guess, I also have a lot of corkscrews, bottle openers, anything of the link really.  A lot of the ones I buy are complete junk but this one stood out from the bunch because it's actually a really good corkscrew and multitool.  This screws in easily I've yet to have to split of ship a cork which is a feat in its own.  It's very solid and doesn't bend or really move much when you're using it.  The foil cutter and bottle opener are just an added bonus as far as I'm concerned, I really enjoyed the added weight to the tool I think that's what really makes this product stand out from others like it.  I received this product in exchange for my honest review, all opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Omega 3

Great for multiple reasons but i take them for overall health and wellness. Just because I do like to eat fried foods so I take this to help balance that out. I received this product in return for my honest review. All opinions are based on my personal experience.

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Deluxe Vitamins for Hair, Skin, and Nails

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Hair and nails aren't very different structurally speaking the same things will help them grow. It's part of the reason everyone loves biotin, well this product is BETTER. With the added bonus of beautiful looking skin. It's good for males or females because after all who doesn't want better hair, skin, and nails. This will also help prevent hair loss talk about a triple threat. The capsules are easy to deal with they don't taste bad, simple to swallow, don't hurt your stomach, and can be taken with or without food. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start looking and feeling better about their hair, skin, and nails. I know that's why I tried it. I received this product in return for my honest review.

OZ Natural

I frequently buy skin serums, you might say it's one of my favorite hobbies. With that being said I'm a fan of OZ vitamin C serum, I really believe they have a quality product here. It doesn't give your face that slight stinging sensation when you apply it which makes me believe there are no hidden chemicals. It doesn't agitate my skin at all. It's comparative in results to more expensive products with familiar names. When fully absorbed into the skin it doesn't mess with my regular moisturizer. It's not a cure all that's for sure, nothing is. But it does help when used with my daily skin care regimens which is what in hoping people will buy this for. The company in general provides amazing support and encourages people to call if they have issues which is a rarity in the cosmetic industry. I received this product in return for my honest review.

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Business Plan Writing Guide

Writing a business plan is no easy task, and this book helps break it down so anyone will know where to start.  The step by step in depth guide makes it to where you will not forget any important detail.  The writing style is helpful because the tone does not suggest you are incompetent but it also does not assume you know everything about the business world.  The voice in the audio version is easy to listen to and the breaks and passes allow for plenty of time to write what you need to write.  I did not find myself wandering off into space while listening to the voice.  The book was very helpful to me, it made me feel like I was actually able to create a working business plan that wouldn't be laughed at is I were to submit it to a bank.  I liked that there was no "see section xxx" or "turn to page xxx" it was just straight through of what I needed to write.
I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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Born in Nature

I'm thrilled with this purchase it's actually the best vitamin C serum I've ever tried. The mint smell mixed in is absolutely amazing. After applying it to my face after washing I just felt not only more awake but my skin just felt better over all. My dry spots were gone so I figured well let's try this on the dry spot on my hand. That was gone too and stayed gone all day. I was thrilled. What's even more thrilling is this product isn't tested on animals, comes almost gift wrapped inside its box, and a little bit goes a long way so despite the small size of the bottle this can easily last three months. I really enjoyed this product. I received his product in return for my honest opinion on this product.

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Activate Charcoal

Do you know how hard it is to find this in stores? It's almost impossible to find it in a bag that's a decent size. Which is very frustrating because I absolutely love this stuff. It's great for stomach problems I specifically use it for heartburn and reflux. But even more I use it to clean my face and whiten my teeth and it's amazing. I swear by it. There's probably a million other ways to use it I just haven't found them yet. What's even better is it comes with three easy uses printed right on the bag! This bag will last a very long time because a little bit does go a long way. There's no lumps or clumps in the bag which I was very pleased about. The zipper on the pouch is a plus because I was t sure what I was going to store this in after I opened it, it's also at a reasonable price point so it's worth a try for anyone debating it. I received this product as a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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Teething Necklace

Love this product, great for teething babies or nursing babies who need something to fiddle with. The silicone beads are soft and sturdy so I don't worry about his mouth being cut or tooth damage. I love the aqua color of the necklace and the different shape beads are very fashionable. I trust the clasping because it comes of with a little force but not strong enough that I can be pulled around by the necklace. The bracelet is fairly large and I wouldn't say a one size fits all I could easily see it being snug on someone. So I find myself just handing him the bracelet while he feeds so he will leave my face or hair alone. I would recommend this to new moms and moms with teething babies it really has been a life saver. I received this product in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. And I'm glad I did because it's amazing.
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