Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pineapple cutter


ANXIETY-FREE PINEAPPLE EXPERIENCE! • Easily cores and slices an entire pineapple with one quick moderate pressing motion • Soft touch strong grip handle specifically designed for ergonomic comfort and purpose. • Preserves pineapple shell intact! You can use the shell as desert container, party table decoration, drink bowl, etc. • Easy to use, easy to wash!No mess- no fuss kitchen essential!

Mango Cutter


Made of sharp and strong precision stainless steel multi-blades uniquely created for easy cutting satisfaction. • DISHWASHER SAFE EASY BREEZY FORMULA. Easy to use, breezy to wash. • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL COMPONENT. May and can be used with other appetizing fruits and vegetables (e.g. pears, apples, etc.) • BPA FREE AND FDA APPROVED. Our mango cutter has passed and met the FDA standards and is totally safe from any potentially harmful chemicals found in most plastic products. 

pop up beach tent


Instant automatic pop up beach shelter. Setup in seconds, folding in less than a minute! Phenomenal protection with UPF 50+ Coating for sun protection. It also zips for ventilation. 4 hanging pockets on outside for sand to add weight Lightweight and rugged (190cm x 100cm x 106cm) Included: carry bag, our full guide with color illustrations

Monster Hunting

Interesting story thats for sure, I'll spare you the recap and just tell you that you really don't know whats going to happen next.  There are ghouls, werewolves, ghosts, and spirits.  You learn about what its like to be a monster hunter and the skills that are required.  The action will keep you on edge and turning pages faster than you ever thought you would.  It's similar to supernatural and any other show along that line.  The paranormal aspect really is great and the characters are developed enough that you feel like you really know them and what they would do in a situation.  Overall decent read, product provided for evaluation.

Burn Belly Fat Revised

#BurnBellyFatFastThere are a lot of similar books out there like this one, this one really didn't separate from he herd in my opinion. Most diet books will address this "sugar monster" at some point and they all have the same thing to say eat real food, if you crave sugar chances are your body really wants something else. Like we all know, that's easier said than done. All diet and exercise books claim to not be just another diet book be realistically that's what they are and they need to own it. It's a way to change your thinking about food and exercise while embracing a healthy lifestyle. One last thing, I don't like the title of this book, anyone will tell you, you really can't pick what fat you get rid of. You can to work muscle groups you can't just say oh I only want to lose weight in my stomach and then lose only weight in your stomach that's no how it works the title is misleading. Product provided for evaluation.

Bamboo Organizer

Our kitchen draws area mess, you really can't find anything, and nothing has a place to call home. I love bamboo as a product and have a few things throughout the house that are made out of it, I just love the quality of the hardwood. But I also like how it doesn't weigh much so it's super durable. This fits all our silverware both adult, and children's, as well as odd and end items like medicine syringes and droppers. You could also use this in desk for pens and markers with no issues. Overall this is a great, durable, and versatile product. organizer provided for evaluation.


Black jump rope

If you're serious about your health and workouts this jump rope is for you. If you frequent the gym you know a good jump rope is hard to come by. Fast speed jump ropes are an interesting breed they're made out of very light weight cable so it's easier to use. It barely weighs much at all honestly, but if you catch your ankle on the wire it hurts worse than anything.  The rope comes with a nice ebook.  It is good for indoor and outdoor use, easy to carry, can fit just about anywhere, won't get tangled up in the gym bag, don't have to worry about knots. The rope is adjustable just unscrew and cut the cable to the length you need and screw back in. I received this product in return for my honest and unbiased review.#blackeverlastingfit

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Type C USB

#MILOCOSusb No complaints here. The length of this charger is great the cable speed is just as quick as the charger that came with my phone and I do not get the dreaded notice that the cable is not compatible with my phone or supported by my laptop. I have faith this charger will last a long time with no issues. It's nice to see a quality charger for once. Product provided for evaluation.

Neck Cream

I've spent a lot of time in the sun with no protection unfortunately. I loved it then but I am really paying for it now.  My skin has been showing signs of aging since easily my mid twenties and I don't see any hope for it to repair itself on its own.  So this cream ha s really come into play in the last few years.  I'm not keen on using chemicals to lighting the sun spots on my skin so when I came across this product I really jumped at the chance to use it.  Just after one use my skin feels and looks amazing. I am looking forward to the long term use to see how my dark spots disappear.  As of right now my fine lines and wrinkles are leaving, my skin has a health glow to it, and overall my skin appears younger.  Absolutely everyone in a predicament like mine should give this a try.  Product provided for evaluation.


Anaiti Vitamin C


I will try just about any product if it says it can help my body in any way, shape, or form. It's just the type of person I am. More frequently than not I'm super disappointed but for once this isn't the case. I received the product in return for my honest and unbiased reviews and I can honestly say it's worth a try. This really has a long last effect, unlike most other Serum's of any kind honestly. I can easily compare the quality of this serum to hundred dollar serums and it's the same caliber. I put it on in the morning under my makeup and the again after I wash my face. I don't wake up with oily skin and I don't have issues with makeup drying out my skin. My skin looks soft and radiant with fine lines and wrinkles nowhere in sight.

Anaiti Skin Care

I like to try creams, I'd try one for just about anything if I'm being honest.  What I like the most about this product is that I see short term changes but the long run benefit is what really got me hooked.  Like most women I used to frequent a tanning bed and I'm not paying for it in dark spots and lines, with a lot around my eyes.  After applying this you will not only see a difference but you will feel one. I'm not kidding you can feel this working.  You wont be left feeling like you put grease on your face and your pores wont suffer because of this.  But your skin will feel softer and look brighter as well as more plump.  Your skin will feel so smooth you wont even know what to do with yourself.  I love this product and at any chance I mention it to my friends looking for a quality skin care product.  Product provided for evaluation.


Anaiti lines and wrinkles

#AnaitiSmoothingCreamThis advanced line and wrinkle smoothing cream really leaves you feeling like you have completely new skin.  It will help you with your pores and acne scars as well as get rid of those pesky wrinkles and lines.  The hydrating and plumping effect this cream has is just amazing at  restoring that lost youthful glow in your skin.  You see the results instantly and the long term results are just amazing in two weeks when you look in the mirror you wont even recognize yourself.  What's even better is the cream will not leave you feeling oily and it will not clog your pores! Product provided for evaluation.

Anaiti Moisturizer

This is great to wear under your makeup, it'll keep your skin from drying out and overall help it maintain a youthful glow. I only ever apply once a day because I do not want to over do it and a little bit does go a long way just like all the other products on this line of cosmetics. It also helps to combat sun damage as well as aging. You will see the results instantly but long term use yields amazing results that you would not even be able to imagine. Product provided for evaluation.


Red jump rope

If you're serious about your health and workouts this jump rope is for you. If you frequent the gym you know a good jump rope is hard to come by. Fast speed jump ropes are an interesting breed they're made out of very light weight cable so it's easier to use. It barely weighs much at all honestly, but if you catch your ankle on the wire it hurts worse than anything.  The rope comes with a nice ebook.  It is good for indoor and outdoor use, easy to carry, can fit just about anywhere, won't get tangled up in the gym bag, don't have to worry about knots. The rope is adjustable just unscrew and cut the cable to the length you need and screw back in. I received this product in return for my honest and unbiased review.#redeverlastingfit

HPTs and OPKs

When you're trying to conceive you really can't be a stranger to pregnancy or ovulation tests. The more you have the better. Peeing on a strip is a lot easier than monitoring your cervical mucus and basal temperature that's for sure.  Easy @ Home's 50 LH OPK is to thank for baby #2!  The kit with 50 OPK's and 20 HPT's made our family dream a reality.  These are just as amazing as the high quality name brands and honestly a lot easier to read than some of the more expensive tests.  Just remember to let it dry before you jump to conclusions.  These are not quick answer tests like you're probably used to taking, it averages about 10 minutes to dry completely from my experience. TThese are lovely and I tell all my TTC groups about them. Product provided for evaluation.


IPhone 6 Crystal Case

Purchase or View #case here

This is a great case if you aren't looking for protection, if it's protection you want keep on looking.  The iphone 6/6s Crystal case by Sincase is a very pretty case, hands down it looks amazing. The case provides minimal protection to the sides and back of your phone which I was expecting. The back is transparent so you can see the apple symbol.  The case is very slim which is important to me because I hate when my phone takes up more space in my purse than my wallet does. Bulky cases are just a pain.  product provided for evaluation.

Vitamin D & C Gummies


Adult gummie vitamins are life changing and I'm not sure what I would do without them anymore.  They taste so much better than normal vitamins and are a lot easier to take.  Nutrabear's Calcium and Vitamin D3 Gummies are not a multivitamin but instead are just loaded with with calcium and vitamin D3.  So if you're pregnant, breastfeeding, or both you can take these if you're worried about your calcium levels. And let's be honest most of us don't get enough vitamin D anyway. They aren't sour and are very lemony.  Like most supplements there is an interesting after taste but its not horrible. Product provided for evaluation.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Baby Wrap Sling Carrier

Moms never have enough hands, no matter what you always seem to need more.  This wrap will let you use your hands while you still hold that screaming child.  The material is not very stretchy which is nice and allows for easy placement and for the child to stay where they are instead of moving around.  There is a learning curve to wrapping so I would say you can and should go look at some videos online and see what you are getting into first.  I really do love this wrap and I hope everyone gives baby wearing a try.  Product provided for evaluation.

Seat and visor organizer

No matter what anyone thinks, I love these organizers, absolutely love them they are the best thing I have ever had in my car. There are so many pockets on both of them I had no idea what to do, and then I just started filling them all with things that were floating around and didn't have an actually place. There are two big pockets (one mesh, one nylon with velcro), two medium pockets, approx. 6 elastic, mesh pockets, two elastic mesh cupholder pockets, and a buttoned hanging strap. There are so many places to store things I didn't know which to use first. There are lots of toys and extra items that would go in my diaper bag if there was room. We also let the older kids keep water bottles and spill proof cups in the organizer. The whole product is well made and I know I do not have to worry about anything breaking. The strap on my back doesn't really bother me and I honestly never even notice it. As far as the visor organizer goes CD's, gums, pens, and the garage door opener are all there along with some scrap paper and a few other items that are mine and floating around the car. There is just as much room there as the other one has. Product provided for evaluation.

Car mount for phone

I didn't have any issues either installing or using this great phone mount. The phone is held securely and you do not have to worry about anything being erased. The magnet is on the magnet it the dash mount part. I don't have any issues with signal or reception so that is a plus in my book. Hands free and talk to text features work just as good as always and so does the bluetooth. Product provided for evaluation.
#carmount purchase here

Nut Milk bag


There's really nothing wrong with this, the only possible issue you could even ever have is the bag getting a hole in it.  Which honestly if you use it properly and keep it away from knives should never happen in the first place.  This is great to make almond or even cashew milk.  Greek yogurt would also be idea to make in this or even use it to infuse waters.  The nylon is woven really right and you do not have to worry about seeds or skins getting through.  The bottom is rounded and ha s a double stitch which means you shouldn't have any wearing problems.  Overall I would say this is a quality product everyone will be happy with. Product provided for evaluation.

Gummy bear mold


This silicone gummy bear mold I super cute and easier to use than it is cute. That was surprising to me considering I'm not crafty at all.  Once you get all the Bears filled it's not the easiest thing in the world to move without spilling so maybe set this on a plate or a pan before you begin filling.  This mold has 50 bears to fill and comes with an eye dropper but you could probably use a children's medicine syringe if you do not like the dropper.  Either way just pouring chocolate or gelatin over the tray isn't really an option.  Best way to get this clean is hot water and it's easier to clean once you remove the Bears and let anything else left on sit a little longer.  you can even just throw it in the dishwasher if you want. Product provided for evaluation.

Antique bulbs

Antique light fixtures really shouldn't just have any bulb in them. They need something that suits them and their character.  Well this bulb is perfect for antique fixtures, they even for a standard socket.  The glass feels thicker than a normal bulb which means it won't break as easily as expected. I was happy when none were broke in transportation.  Sample provided for evaluation.