Monday, February 29, 2016

Backseat Organizer

No matter what anyone thinks, I love these organizers, absolutely love them they are the best thing I have ever had in my car. There are so many pockets I had no idea what to do, and then I just started filling with things that were floating around and didn't have an actual place. There are two big pockets, two medium pockets, elastic, mesh pockets,mesh cupholder like pockets, and a hanging strap. There are so many places to store things I didn't know which to use first. There are lots of toys and extra items that would go in my diaper bag if there was room. We also let the older kids keep water bottles and spill proof cups in the organizer. The whole product is well made and I know I do not have to worry about anything breaking. The strap on my back doesn't really bother me and I honestly never even notice it. Product provided for evaluation.

Gold cap and tees

I'm not a serious golfer by any means but I do spend some time on the green as well as the driving range and there is nothing I hate more than sun in my eyes. It just makes teeing off impossible. The nice embroidered patch on the font is such a nice accent and much higher quality than expected. The tees that come with the hat had a nice assortment of bright colors they are very durable and easy to pick out in the grass if need be. Product provided for evaluation.

Grapefruit EO blend

First of all you SHOULD NOT, I repeat SHOULD NOT ingest an essential oil without speaking to an aromatherapist/holistic docotor EVER. With that out there in the open grapefruit oil is very useful and has a lot of benefits. It's not overpowering and won't have you sleeping like a huge grapefruit because it's a blend of oils. If you feel like you need more energy you can just massage it into your skin and get the immediate boost you need. The smell of grapefruit in general helps to decrease appetite and increase weight and fat loss because of the limonene. While the is a blend of oils I still recommend diluting with a carrier oil general coconut oil is my go to and then apply to the skin to avoid irritation. Product provided for evaluation.

Chalk Markers

I love Chalk Markers and these have become my go to for art projects just because they work so well on nonporous materials I even use them on windows. I have yet to have any issues with the markers coming off and have not had any staining yet. The tips do not come saturated so you have to press down firmly until the liquid enters the tip and then I would recommend placing the cap back on and shaking just for good measure. There is a dual tip so you can take them out and flip them around for a finer point if you want but I have yet to do that. I have also not had a problem with the paint leaking out of the tip when the cap is on or even through the material I am writing on so you do not need to worry about getting the markers on a desk or clothing unless you would potentially be putting multiple coats on but I do not see when that would be necessary with these.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Note 5 Kickstand Case

This case will make your phone so much better, especially if you like to watch videos on your phone. the kickstand feature is amazing for holding your phone up for easy watching. the kickstand is very sturdy, I have no issues with it wobbling, or even falling over for no reason. The case works amazingly and dropping your phone isn't going to be an issue. The case if very durable but like most phone cases it sure doesn't take away from the size of the phone in general so it will make for an even tighter fit in your pocket. It was easy to put the case on, its not so easy to take it off which is a key feature most people look for in a phone case. I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion

Coffee dripper


We drink a lot of coffee my other half prefers a dripper to make his so I figured we would give this a try. This does make the coffee taste amazing, there really is no argument against it. The design is nice, messy to clean, easy to use, and the materials are high quality. Using this dripper is simple, and it is super easy to clean either hand wash with hot water or even the dishwasher if you want. To use you just grind your coffee beans, add them in the filter, prep your water, pour the water over the beans allowing for a 30 second delay to allow the coffee to saturate, and then pour the rest of the water in. This is great for coffee lovers because it sure does make an amazing cup of coffee. Product provided for evaluation

Brieftons Vertico Spiralizer

I've tried a few spiralizers over the past year and this one is in my top three. This one has a different design than I am used to and I was wondering if it was easier to use. I like that the blade design , the catcher bowl, the minimal waste are different than I am used to and the fact that I can use it to slice onions was something I wasn't expecting. The blades are built right in and you can change them just by twisting. The blades are verticals so there is essentially no center waste. But the one thing that irritates me enough to give this 4/5 stars is that the cuts on the top and bottom of whatever it is you want to cut be symmetrical. Maybe it's just me but this isn't always possible and fruit doesn't always allow cuts to be symmetrical. So that means from time to time I cannot use this when I was planning to and that's irritating to me. Product provided for evaluation.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Organic eye cream

I thought it was interesting that this cream is made specifically for eyes, but can be used anywhere on the face so I figured why not. The consistency is fairly thick which I wasn't expecting, it does spread easily which was nice, and the color brightens up the skin. I noticed it helped to even my skin tone out on the areas it was applied to, reduced the puff around my eyes and as a mom that's a big deal, this also helped remove the fine lines which were probably from the puff along with the dark marks and circles. I love that everything in this is natural and organic, what I didn't care for was the scent I can't really place what the smell is but I'm very sensitive to fragrance and this kind of made my eyes water. The bottle is very simple to use and the packaging is easy to open both of which are a positive. Product provided for evaluation

HotelSpa® 7-Setting Luxury Hand Shower With Pause

This HotelSpa shower head replaced a normal shower head that just sat a little to low in the shower. This has made showering much more comfortable and bath time for my boys a lot easier too. Unlike similar shower heads this one does not leak after turned off and I have had no problems with the hose leaking at all. The cord is all metal including the connectors, and it hangs loosely with no stress on the positioning of the shower head. Everything needed for a simple install was included even some plumbers tape if needed. It was harder to take the original shower head off than to put this one on, I was very pleased. There is a "pause slide switch" on the handle that allows the water flow to be reduced to a trickle. Overall, this product is very high quality, and I am very pleased. Product provided for evaluation.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Even working in a bar I was a bit confused as t why someone would need a double squeezer, but after using it I am not sure how I was ever able to live without this. What I have figured out is that one side fits larger things better and the other side fits smaller things better, if I'm wrong I'm not sure what to tell you but it really is nice having something that fits smaller fruits. This is a really great squeezer it'll leave the fruits basically desert dry which is nice, you also will not end up with seeds in your drinks which is always a plus in my book. The lemon zester though is even better because the handle is easy to hold onto and its not like a grater board where you can easily end up taking chunk out of your nails as well. The box these come in also have nice recipes so if that's what you're interested in thats an added bonus. Product provided for evaluation.

1.4 and 2 inch silicone ice cube trays

#supercube 1.4in

I use these for my son more than anything, he doesn't like when his juice gets watered down by ice cubes. So I fill these with juice instead of water so he gets cold juice cubes in his juice! You might be wondering why I'm sharing that info, well juice sticks more to plastic trays than water does so it's even harder to pop out. Well the juice does not stick to the tray well and if they do get stuck you can really just pop them right out. If ones being hard just push it right out the bottom. This is so much easier than the trays I was using prior. Product provided for evaluation

Six Sigma and Lean

Easy to read and very informative. You can learn just about anything you want to know about Six Signa and Lean without the complicated statistics.  I really like that it starts out with Motorola and goes from there. The book shows how each exercise can be applied to management and production.  Easy to read, well organized, and simple to digest all three are very important to me when evaluating books.  Product provided for evaluation.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shower Poufs

I use a lot of sponge poufs simply because I feel like they are always ALWAYS always falling apart on me. These four extra large poufs are just lovely, and very high quality. They haven't fallen apart on me yet! The lace is very nice and the ribbon they hang on is very thick. They bubble p very well when soap is applied to them so less is more with these poufs. I plan to give the other to family members for the holidays, I'm sur they will enjoy. Product provided for evaluation.

Water Flosser

Why is this so loud? If it wasn't so loud this would easily be the best flosser in the world but I can't stand the noise it makes. This does however not look hideous sitting on the counter like others I have encountered. Water flossers can take a bit of getting used to simply because it feels strange and can be painful on sensitive teeth if the water is to hot or cold. This has multiple speeds so if you are having a problem getting something out you can just turn up the speed and out it comes. It includes 6 Interchangeable Nozzles 3 Standard Nozzles, a Tongue Scraper, a Orthodontic tip, and a pocket tip all of which work wonderfully and are simple to use. Product provided for evaluation.

Organic Matcha

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I love Matcha, so I was thrilled when this product was given to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Because of my exposure to Matcha powders it's fairly easy for me to spot imposters that claim to be pure or ceremonial grade with the two signs being the fineness of the powder and how much you need for a cup/pot. The less you need without sacrificing taste the better the powder is. Half a teaspoon of this powder made amazing tea, I could tell there was nothing else mixed in with the powder which was a present surprise because with my experience its safe to always assume the worst. But this half a teaspoon for one cup was almost to overpowering for me to enjoy. The powder also mixed in very easily which is something I struggle with when using other powders generally because they are not pure. But this product mixed in with no problems at all.

Bluetooth Scale with App

This scale is a bit more high tech than I'm used to, it stores all your information calculates everything you would need to track weight loss and even has a nice app you can use with the scale. You can even track up to ten different people! If you want to use his feature when you step on the scale make sure the Bluetooth is turned on in your phone and pair them. When you step on the scale everything is directly imported to the app. This is a great way to stay motivated and track your weight loss. The scale itself is dark blue and has a nice sleek appearance the LCD is about 4 inches and the display is easy to read. The scale holds up to 400lbs so most people should be able to use this with no issues. When you step off the scale it automatically shuts off which is very nice and helps it last longer. The app and the scale work well together and I have absolutely no complaints, I'm looking forward to tracking my weight loss. Product provided for evaluation.

Car seat cover

Ohio winters are miserable and if you're up to date on car seat safety you know snow suits and fluffy coats don't mesh with car seats. Either does anything that goes on the inside of the car seat. That's why I love this car seat cover, it goes over the top and doesn't violate any car seat safety. This even comes with a nice little bag to store this in when you are not using the cover. The fabric is thick and super soft which makes it great for the weathers here in NE Ohio. Even after a few messes on the cover its still as soft as it was when opened over a dozen washes later. The fit is great it velcros right to the handle bar and has elastic to hold it on the bottom which I really like. The flap though it what makes this stand out. There are a few snaps so you can choose just how open or closed the flap is. It's nice because I do not want my son to over heat but I also want to make sure no snow gets on him and he doesn't get cold. This is great for parents of infants and newborns to have absolutely give this two thumbs up. Product provided for evaluation.

101 things you should know about math

I bought this simply because we intend to homeschool and I like to pick things up that could be useful. Upon arrival I read this and certainly think it will be even more helpful than I expected.  The topics covered are very interesting and can help explain everyday situations in terms of math. The topics connect to real life situations which make it easier to understand math questions and topics simply because they become relatable.  The question and answer set up is useful because you do not have to read chapters per say but pick and question and go from there instead.  product provided for evaluation.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

RydeSafe Reflective Decals

and purchase here also
I bought these for my helmet in order to adda  bit more visibility to myself when I am riding to and from school which can easily be in the early hours of the morning or around dusk.  They are super reflective which is nice because I do not want to end up in an accident.  They also provide a lot of contrast because my hemet is white and my bike is black.  They are really easy to put on and I cannot really peel them off so I would say that is a good thing.  They give me an added level of safety which I did not have prior so I am already really happy with the product. I want to get some for my children bikes just because they are so small it can't hurt to have the extra measures taken to protect them.

Change your child/s negative behavior

Parenting books usually read like a dull textbook, and this on is 50/50 honestly but its not intolerable.  As people we understand things based on our life experiences and this is also true for children unsurprisingly.  The psychological approaches in the book are widely known and easy to comprehend so that should not be an issues for readers.  I don't think this book is meant for attachment parenting and i don't think the more natural minded parents would enjoy it either.  The book also does not provide examples for a wide range of ages which I was personally hoping to see. I don't agree with authoritative parenting and either do most child and adolescent psychologists. I really don't recommend this book, but the writing isn't horrendous and I found minimal typos so it gets three stars.

There are 8 chapters:

* Being a parent is a lot harder than we thought
* A little about myself
* Your place as parents and coaches in your child's life
* Parental authority
* Recharging your batteries
* The theory on which the method is based
* Stabilizing the pyramid
* Setting goals

Product provided for evaluation.